Our Culture

Welcome to Katwijk Chemie in The Netherlands, where a sense of family is at the core of all our operations.

Since 1914, the founding family has always been closely involved in our company, with the fourth generation starting in 2009.

It is therefore no surprise that we focus on the long term and on business continuity.

Most of our employees have been raised in the town of Katwijk and many of them have strong ties to the local community. For centuries the town of Katwijk has been home to fishermen navigating the high seas. Mutual trust and support and a no-nonsense attitude have been defining characteristics in the local community. These characteristics continue to form the basis for our company culture.

We believe that it is important to offer our employees a safe, pleasant and rewarding work environment, where work and life are balanced. In our company lifetime-employment is still very common. Our employees are truly part of the Katwijk Chemie family.